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Validity of packages is 1 year.



Individual physiotherapy
Duration [min] Price [CZK]
entry examination (first visit) 55 800
individual physiotherapy 55 700
kinesiotaping     during therapy as necessary 1 cm/1 CZK + free application
dynamictaping   during therapy as necessary 1 cm/2 CZK + free application
Duration [min] Price [CZK]
individual physiotherapy  5x 5x 55 3300
                                        10x 10x 55 6300
Physiotherapy and education at your place
Description Price [CZK]
companies group exercise therapies – relaxation, stretching, compensational etc.
lectures and workshops about ergonomics of working place and handlig of weights
consultations during process of selection and purchase of ergonomic aids
sports clubs group exercise therapies – compensational, plyometric, reaction, balance etc.
individual care of athletes
Courses and workshops
Description Duration Price [CZK]
functional workout theory and practice, trends, equipment, choice of intensity according to your goals, the need of stability and mobility of the trunk, whole body loading, recovery, motivation
myths and truth about abdomen workouts theory: what is HSSP (deep stabilizing system of the spine), when do we use it, why do we need it, how to use and improve it
practice: practice of HSSP activation, its involvement into activities of daily living, workout session
nordic walking theory and practice, equipment, stick adjustment, level of difficulty, warm-up, nordic walking itself
technique of proper jogging theory and practice, equipment, warm-up, track&field alphabet, jogging itself, stretching, recovery, motivation


Right now we offer you little massage balls, overballs, balance acupressure discs and tapes.

You can buy these things only at our place (Roháčova street). Prices vary according to current stock and are available at the spot or you can ask via email.